Embedding Padlet in Blackboard

Step 1: copy the link and embed code from Padlet 1. Open Notepad which you will use to keep the copied code during this process. (Type Notepad in the Search box in the bottom left on Windows to find and open this app). 2. Go into your Padlet dashboard and open the relevant Padlet. 3. Click the Share button or the three dots “more” menu in the top right and select “Share or embed”. 4. Click “Copy link to clipboard” and paste this into Notepad then add a few line spaces. 5. Go back to the ‘Share or embed’ menu in Padlet click “Embed in your blog or website”, then copy the Full embed code and paste this into Notepad as well. Step 2: paste the link and code into Blackboard. 6. Open your Blackboard course and go to the section where you want to add the Padlet. 7. Make sure Edit mode is on (in the top right). 8. Click “Build content” then “Web link”. 10. Enter a name. 11. In the URL box paste the web link that you copied in 5 above. This should look something like https://padlet.com/abcde/b8dcrurvjy8r. 12. In the content editor, click the Source code icon. If you can’t see it, click the ... in the top right to expand the rows. 13. A new “Source code” page will open up. Paste your embed code and click Save. 14. Click Submit.