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Spotlight Videos

Bees: mathematical geniuses
Patterns and geometry are everywhere in nature. In particular, bees and their methodologies for storing nectar have encouraged mathematical speculation for two millenia! This video looks at the geometry for beeswax cells, average free path lengths of the size of potential nesting sites in trees and finding the best route to visit flowers through the Travelling Salesman problem.
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12/10/2017 11:40:23 AM

Cheryl's Birthday + Logic
Choosing which route to take to work can be explained as an algebraic problem and we use logic in our everyday lives. But just because it’s commonplace it doesn’t mean it is easy. A question from the Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiad, set for 14 year-olds, which went viral as it baffled adults worldwide. This video explains how you can use logic to deduce Cheryl’s birthday from 10 different options and two different clues
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12/10/2017 9:41:36 PM

Installing the Voronoi brise-soleil
A Voronoi diagram creates a dynamic screen to the façade of the new atrium. This screen performs both aesthetic and conceptual functions as well as providing shading to the south-facing atrium. Watch the screen being installed into place on the side of the glass atrium.
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5/21/2019 2:14:12 PM

Maths at Bristol
Hear from current students and staff about what it's like to study maths at Bristol, and what they enjoy most about the course. Plus, a sneak preview of our new home, the transformed £33m Fry Building.
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5/21/2019 2:07:32 PM

Recent Channels

Perspectives in Mathematics
Second and third-year students taking the Perspectives in Maths unit plan and create short videos presenting a mathematical problem to a lay audience.
1/22/2022 1:19:24 AM

Random Matrices and Integrable Systems - June 2021
1/22/2022 1:19:26 AM

School of Maths
Watch videos from across the School, from the public art in our new building to our students' experiences of the course.
1/22/2022 1:19:21 AM